• Progress Mediation 4 All can support six mediation types, with customised input screens for each.
  • Centralise your mediation administration for all outreach locations
  • Progress Mediation integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2013.
  • Where ever your mediators, case information can be accessed over the web.

Find out how Progress can increase your case efficiency.

Progress Mediation 4 All has been designed to reduce the burden of managing all types of mediation cases. Why not take the Product Tour and see how it could revolutionise your mediation service.

Progress Mediation 4 All is a web-based case management system that supports Community Mediation, Family Mediation, Civil Mediation, Intergenerational Mediation, Workplace Mediation and Investigation Mediation. Developed with mediators from several mediation services across the UK, to make the task of administering mediation easier and quicker. Whether your mediation service has one or multiple outreach locations, users can check and update cases from anywhere.

The software brings together all the features of case management combined with document management in a single package.

Central administration

Store all your case details centrally, access across the world using standard internet browsers. Enables cases to be operated from multiple outreach locations without needing to transfer case notes.

Client experience

Improve your client experience of mediation by keeping them informed at each stage easily with standard email or letter templates and SMS reminders.

Service Efficiency

Improve your service efficiency with integrated invoicing, debtor management and full diary management.

Mediator Productivity

Letter & email templates, automated client reminders by SMS or email.

Features & benefits
  • Integrated Calendar

    Fully integrated mediation calendar, links to cases. Can be merged with Outlook diary.

  • SMS reminders & Instants

    Automated SMS diary reminders, reducing no-show for mediation or Intake assessents. Now with instants!

  • Multiple mediation types

    Seamlessly move cases between six mediation types. Each type obtains the necessary input information.

  • Save time by standardising

    Reduce admin overheads with
    template letters and emails. Quickly create letters or emails.

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  • About Us

    Progress Mediation 4 All has been developed by Protocol IT Ltd - established in 2007 to provide IT support and develop IT solutions.